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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Universal Homework Model

Hello All! Below is my own current rough draft for my Universal Homework page. There are a few more levels on this page than on the official Univ. Homework Model. (UHM) I haven't figured out exactly how I want to do the points yet. Check out this blog(  for a great explanation of how the UHM works and additional links! It is a 2nd grade teachers blog (the great allisong!) but has a great basic description. Wib on! 

Universal Homework
Level 1  
1) SuperSpeed VocabularyTime To Beat: _________ Actual Time: ___________

 2) 30 minutes Free Read Book/Magz. Title ______________/Pages ___-___. 

 3) Think about class so far this week: What are your:
Clear Concepts  Muddy Concepts

Level 2
4) Reading Summary---Top half of page on the back of this paper: 

A) Write a summary of either what you have read this week or what was covered in class. -Should include an introduction, body, and conclusion. 

 B) Include possible questions which still remain unanswered in conclusion. 

Level 3

5) Final Summary--Bottom half of page on the back of this paper.  (Rewrite Level 2) with improvements to structure and content as needed. 

Level 4
6) Teaching- Teach the material/activities from class this week to a parent or older sibling.  
Topic Discussed: _______________________________________________  
Parent Signature: _______________. Date___________ 

Level 5 

7) Answer the Bonus Question of the Week below! 

*Note: Level 5 question will not be posted anywhere. It will only be announced during class (i.e. have to be there and in attendance!) For the most part everything else can be done without actually being in class!

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