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Thursday, March 20, 2014

2014 Testing Memoir

A student asked if they could go use the restroom yesterday.  The teacher said “not yet, they would need to hold it”.  The boy proceeded to grab his crotch and “hold it”.  The boy was not being facetious, he really thought that’s what the teacher meant.  Make sure when you are questioning that student that you don’t ask them to “spill it”!

I have a student who is continually digging and biting at his fingernails and cuticles.  The thought of it doesn’t creep me out but seeing him really just dig in there!?!  I wonder if I can handle one more day of that. 


There is all this emphasis on avoiding testing irregularities but never before have I heard mention of testing PTSD that I believe I now have due to the following incident:  The events that follow are true.  The name has been left out to avoid the chance of you also accruing secondary PTSD!  

Much of the time our brains unconsciously filter what is in our environment for us.  Our brains will decide which images are most important to us.  This allows for the possibility of not seeing large changes in our environment right away and then leading to us questioning ourselves on how we missed such an obvious change or object. 

As I walk and walk and walk and walk around my room my mind suddenly notices something large!  Like a mirage that you suddenly and horribly wish you’d not seen or even imagined.  One of my larger students has pants that have managed to slip their way down to uncover things.  As bored as we are test monitoring there are some things I never want to see.  Whether I like it or not I get visual confirmation that he is wearing Spiderman underwear.  This underwear is not covering the space that should always be covered…known as the plumber’s crack, which means there is an additional 1-2 inches of blinding white flesh peeking out above that.

Look Away…Look Away…but the image is already seared into my visual cortex.  I am now challenged with having to monitor this student’s test but avoiding my eyes scanning that part of the room.  I can do that. 

Walking by…not looking…OH Wait!  What is that? 

It can’t be….there is a smell as I walk by.  Is my nose hallucinating?  I can only hope so.

NOPE….it is a smell that can only be connected to one thing….butt crack!

OMG….how disgusting!  Make a mental note to spray chair with disinfectant when testing is over.

Now the challenge….to continue walking by and monitoring his area of the classroom. 

I take a breath, hold it, and go for another lap around the classroom!! 

Till Next Time!

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