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Friday, April 13, 2012

Personal Question

 A 7th grade boy calls me over to his table.  Waves me to lean in and says "Mr. McKinney will you answer a personal question?"  I respond "maybe" and wait for the ensuing question.  He reiterates, "it's personal".  I say "ok"!
  He leans in a little bit closer and with all seriousness asks, "How many DNA's do you have?"  Now this is in a 7th grade biology class so I was glad to hear the word DNA in the sentence however I thought I might have misheard.  I respond, "what?".  He repeats "How many DNA's do you have?".
  He is a bit dismayed when I lean in just a bit closer and whisper "I have just as many DNA's as you!"  I put my finger up to my mouth to single "shhhh...keep it quiet" and move along on my way!
  I wonder what that student took away from the conversation.  :)

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