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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

F- Day WEG (G-Rated Version)

Final Day
I had a dream last night...oh wait...wrong story....
It's a cold and dreary day today, perfect for some good 'ole fashion essay writing! Where students get to show off their fancy grammaticalgorical skills such as "ur, bcuz, LOL, etc. etc.  
Now I know what you must be thinking with all this texting talk:  BHIMBGO (Bloody Hell, I Must Be Getting Old)
BION (Believe it or not) there are a whole list of text words we haven't been exposed to that are relevant to testing!!!!!  Would make communication short and efficient. Let's give it a try...shall we!   The 'answers' are on the bottom of the page. 
For example:
1A) A friend of mine that teaches 5th grade shared one of her test stories.  One of her 5th grade girls brought a tazer to school on the first day of testing.  Really?? Yep....YCMTSU
1) How is testing going?  BTD
2) Why is the schedule this way?  BTSOOM
3) Thought we were done BWTM....BYOA
4) Mr. McKinney is CAAC
5) Why does this kid have a BSEG on his face?
6) Is it me or is it that students CRADT
7) Make sure you kids are sitting or CYA
8) How is testing going?  DDSOS
9) effin A
11) What's the schedule tomorrow?  DKDC
12) Send to Ana:  GGP
14) Did you remember to walk around constantly?  OSIF
15) Where did you get that lesson to do after testing?  PFA
16) Didn't the office send a relief person?  What are you doing? PIMP
17) that a squid on her head! :)
18) What did Baca have to say?  TABOOMA
My contribution is:
N everending
M indnumbing (not in a good way)
S enseless
B ass
A kwards
A ssessment
P.S.  Subject Heading--Wicked Evil Grin
Here is the website with the WHOLE list! 
 Warning:  Many acronyms on this site not suitable for children! :)  Use with caution!  Mr. McKinney takes no responsibility for Acronyms created or used  by others! 
Peace & Love
1) You Can't Make This Sh** Up
1) Bored To Death
2) Beats The Sh** Out Of Me
3) But Wait, There's More...Bring Your Own Advil
4) Cool As A Cucumber
5) Big Sh** Eating Grin
6) Can't Remember A Damn Thing
7) Cover Your Ass
8) Different Day Same Ole Sh**
9) hehe!
10) Did I Tell You I'm Distressed?
11) Don't Know Don't Care
12) Gotta Go Pee
13) I Don't Give A Rats Ass
14) Oh Sh** I Forgot
15) Pulled From A**
16) Peeing In My Pants
17) What The Sam Hell
18) Took A Bite Out Of My A**
19) Till Our Paths Cross Again

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