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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 1-2012 Testing Memoirs

2012 Testing Memoirs
                There were two boys fighting in the bathroom this morning before testing.  WHAT?  Those two boys haven’t put all of their differences aside to come together to show the state, the nation, and themselves just how much they have “gained” this year?  No, I’m not talking about the new tattoo, dime bag, 3 suspensions, and beating from the abusive dad they gained this year.  I’m talking about the knowledge and skills they find so relevant in their lives that they can’t wait to share it on the NMSBA.
Day 1
Session I
It’s nice and cool in my room.  Perfect Testing Conditions!  2 perfectly sharpened pencils per student.  I get to read the same instructions over and over again.  “Does everyone understand?”  Students begin vigorously writing and reading.  It’s quiet in here.  Eerily quiet.  Yet here is Mr. McKinney…roaming around the room…around and around…like a caged animal wishing it was stalking it’s prey.  What is they prey?  Any abnormality of course!!  Any wrong session, anyone who hasn’t stopped at the all powerful STOP box, ANYONE who looks, thinks, or acts like doing anything other than Reading Session I.  
Session II
One of my students has brought her purple reading glasses.  I haven’t seen her with glasses all year.  Wait!  That’s because she has missed 80 days this year.  At least her sight is ready and dialed in for the test…I’m sure missing half the school year won’t lower her scores.  If it does however it will obviously be my fault as her teacher!  
I see a student with his head down on the table and his leg bouncing in an obviously ADHD fashion.  If it weren’t for his leg however I might think he was sleeping with his eyes open.  Wish I could figure out how to do that so when someone peeks in my window during testing it would as if I was fastidiously watching over my classroom while sleeping.  Hmmm…something to work on!
Till Tomorrow!  Happy Testing!

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