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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 1 Epilogue- 2012 Testing Memoirs

2012 Testing Memoirs
Day 1- Epilogue
After sending Day 1 memoirs I headed to the L-Block (library) to securely turn in my box of gold, I mean test booklets. (or as the person watching my room for me said, “Is it your turn to return your junk?”) Either way, I entered the ward high in spirit that Day 1 was about to be officially in the books.
I enter the bright lit room to see two white tables. Mr. Sosa at one table and Mrs. Baca at the other. My assigned inspector is Mr. Sosa. I head to the table and set my box down. I give Mr. Sosa my list.
“Looks like it should have 18” he says as he starts counting.

15…16…17…I don’t hear him count an 18. He counts again…17 again! I count them. Sure as Shit! 17!
I know I collected all of them, right!?! In a very calm manner I suggest to Mr. Sosa that he double check the names while I go check my classroom. I show further restraint by walking rather than sprinting to my room where my kids are up and around, talking, and experiencing the Day 1 euphoria of just finishing the test. It felt like I walked into a movie scene where someone is trying to run through a crowded sidewalk or space to get somewhere or something but cannot make any progress. Everywhere I turn there is a student with a goofy smile looking at me, ignorant to my dire situation. I see no test! I calmly tell them all to “Sit Down” and head back to L-Block.
Upon reentering I see Mrs. Baca is now up at the table reading the names and #’s to Mr. Sosa to be checked off. It is silent in the room. Hearts are beating faster… mine faster than anyone’s. All of the sudden a burst happens at the door to our right and a teacher walks in…smile on her face… and in a what seemed like extra loud voice says, “Oh, Mr. McKinney…that e-mail was hilarious, cracked me up!” Normally I would express my appreciation for such a comment. It’s all I can do to turn the corners of my mouth up in an attempted smile. No one says a word in response to her. Silence.
Oh crud, is this Karma for my Day 1 memoirs?

I’m in a bit of a fog at this point. I hear Mrs. Baca calling off the names. Her stature seems to be growing larger with each passing moment. I hear her say a student’s last name ‘Boden” and I correct her, “it’s Bowen.”
“I don’t really care at this point!!” she says as she shakes her head. Uh oh! Hmmm…is my resume updated?
She finishes reading the names and they are all there!?! There is a fraction of a moment where we all just sit there stunned.
Mr. Sosa counts the numbers off the list.
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,16,17,18. The roster skipped #14!!!
Whew!! Crisis averted. Code Red…Stand Down!! Tomorrow…..Math!

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