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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day III-Testing the Bladder Limit; 2012 Testing Memoirs

2012 Testing Memoirs
Day III-Testing the Bladder Limit!
                The Human adult bladder can hold up to 1000mL of urine.  The urge to pee begins at 300mL.  That is usually what I tell my students before sending them back to their seats when requesting to use the potty.  Recently, do to my ‘constant monitoring’ or as I like to call it my  ‘classroom flight pattern’ my own bladder has become a source of concern.  Maybe it has something to do with my flight pattern, which goes like this:
                Two different flight patterns are chosen to take me around the whole room twice.  Not too fast because I want to make sure students are in the right section but not too slow because I’m not supposed to be reading the actual questions and hovering might weird out the kid.  If I can launch just right of the counter I was leaning on or out of my chair I can keep a consistent flight speed throughout my whole loop!  
                I pit stop at my desk.  Check for e-mails from Mrs. Baca.  Take drink of water.  

Repeat 100 times!!  Literally!  

Stop at desk for the 101th time.  Do I dare sit?  My feet hurt.  What is constantly monitoring mean anyway?  Is there going to be some sort of teacher march at the end of the year I am training for?  In science we’d say there needs to be an operational definition for the term ‘constantly’.
Anyhow…I digress….
                I’m at my desk and my sips of water aren’t cutting it anymore but I am in the middle of the biggest loser competition which Mrs. Markel has rigged and I know I need to be drinking water.  So now every time I ‘pit stop’ I am taking drinks of both my coffee and my water.  Why? 
OUT OF SHEER BOREDOM!!!  (I mean to keep myself alert for constant monitoring!)
                I do believe that after testing my bladder limit will have stretched to 1500mL.  I definitely can’t seem to work on sleeping with my eyes open with a full bladder. L
Progress Updates-One desk has eraser shavings all over it.  Literally looks like an eraser exploded.  The student MUST be doing a lot of work and making astute corrections!  Let me ‘monitor’ and see what she is working on.  Yep, she is drawing a data table!  Making sure the lines are perfectly straight and even!  No information or numbers in the table yet but it is sure going to look impressive!
                -I have 1 student left to finish.  She is at the desk by herself.  I am circling around her and her  desk over and over again like a satellite around the Earth I circle, sure to keep a consistent flight speed.  I sure hope she doesn’t feel any pressure to finish! 

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