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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day II- 2012 Testing Memoirs

2012 Testing Memoirs
Day 2-Prologue
Don’t tell me my students aren’t learning virtues here at school.

“Sit down and find something to do” I tell them as we wait the last 20 minutes before school gets out.

Forming at one table is four very large boys.  Two on each side of the table working as a team (virtue: teamwork).  Yep, they are working collaboratively without any coercion.  Rather than the fifth boy being an outcast because there is no room at the table he becomes the referee.  That is his official job.  The funny thing is they are listening to him.  If there is a “penalty” he calls it and they accept the consequences.   (virtue: the group is having respect for an authority figure).  “What is the game?”, you might ask. It is a game of air hockey with a bottle cap.  One of the boys must have picked up the cap to recycle later on when picking up the myriad amounts of trash left outside from snack.  (virtue: recycling).   One of the pairs of students has even come up with a handshake that looks a lot like pattycake repeated about 25 times.  (virtue: boys not afraid to engage in feminine handshakes). O.k…well the rest were respectable virtues! 
Day 2-Math Session I
Math today.  Mathematics.  Mathematica.  Personally, a pain in my a**ica  since grade school.

                 I ask the students before handing out the test if there were any math specific testing strategies.  
One girl blurts out, “I hate math!”.  No…as much as the public would like to believe it that is NOT a strategy we are teaching here in public school!

          The student with the purple glasses is not here today.  I bet she stayed home to study a little more for the math sessions that way she can take them during make-ups and offset the consequences of her absences.  I’m almost positive that is the case!!!
Day 2-Math Session II
No real updates.  Suppose I should be thankful since Rojollio, Rojo, Rojolizario, whatever his name is,  was out and about.

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